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How much is too much?

April 4, 2008

A while back I reserved this blogspace on WordPress. I share my same name with an influential financial guru, and while I don’t worry about living in his shadow much, it means that squatters are constantly taking up resources hoping he will buy them out. Um, no.

So I blog, twitter, and communicate electronically under a whole bunch of other personas. In some ways, its like a phone number – and I have too many. (Too many even to remember!) I thought it was great when GrandCentral came about – one “permanent” number that rings all of your phones – I signed up and love it!

I guess to the Web2.0 world services like Tumblr and Plaxo’s Pulse have done the same thing. One feed to remember. One service that incorporates the most important aspects of your life and gives it a little “organization.” My Yahoo Groups feed looks a little less un-blog-like this way I guess. And I know that folks follow my Plaxo Pulse – at least my family, right?

In any case, I invited my brother to Twitter the other day. He joined, took a quick look, and then stated, “How much Dan is too much Dan?”

I don’t think he has logged in since.

As forward thinking as we all think we are, you still seem to be measured in the edublogger community by having a primary, educational blog. Hmmm… I write too much anyway…

Maybe some of it I will deposit here instead. Someday I’ll look back on this post and either laugh about how this blog has grown, or wonder why I never did more with this… 🙂

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