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August 8, 2008

I love teaching. I love learning. I love kids. These statements are just so simple and true, I can’t imagine how I ever get to thinking the opposite.

Yet, I can’t say that in my life I haven’t ever felt that I didn’t love at least one of these things for some period of time. I see others around me – burned out. Hating teaching. Hating kids. “I prefer to work with adults” I’ve heard. Or, “I am just not ready to go back” now that the school year is fast approaching.

More than 10 years ago I gave up my classroom. I remember thinking, “nobody should not enjoy what they do every day.”

I went full circle – into an administrative role that took me away from the classroom, back to having children of my own, and a very fulfilling role as a parent and Scout leader. I love the balance I have right now – I wish I could spend more time in a classroom, but I love that my hands aren’t tied the same way as if I were.

It’s a great gift that I’ve been given. I get to work with my children’s teachers, and I get to explore my own ideas through Scouting when they are things that just can’t happen in a school setting. I get to teach. I get to learn. I get to work with kids.

Nobody should not enjoy what they do every day.

I hope you find your bright light and inspiration as you start this school year!

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