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What Good Readers Do!

August 30, 2008

I wrote this original poem almost 20 years ago while studying to become a teacher. While cleaning up lots of old stuff, I found a printout of it. Maybe 10 years ago or so, I tried to get the Wisconsin State Reading Association (WSRA) to use it in their newsletter as a filler, but they weren’t interested. So it remained largely “unpublished” unless of course you count the bulletin board in my very first classroom at Merton School!

And yes, I know its a bit childish to the adult ~ but elementary education teachers will understand ~ it was exactly what I needed my students to understand.

What Good Readers Do!
by Daniel Gross

When I’m reading
and I don’t know a word,
I compare it’s parts
to ones I’ve already heard.
I look at the context
to help provide a clue.
And if I really need it,
I’m sure to ask you!
If I still don’t get it,
I don’t come unglued.
I keep on READING!

(Because Good Readers Do!)

Offered here under Creative Commons (BY) license.

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