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I had a dream… (A weird one!)

September 21, 2008

I sort of blabbed this out some time ago on Plurk: (edited slightly here)

vdub144 shares had a dream as a kid. World went “flat” and fell before me. I walked ‘across’ it in a plane I never knew. Loved l’Engles, but never understood multiple dimensions back then. Even now, dimensions curling around one another is tricky to grasp.
But Plurk is a lot like that – you think your conversational glass is “full” until you learn you can build on a single thought and have it go on for hundreds of comments.
Build great towers of discussions, and others’ discussions “wrap around” your thoughts. All in a strange plurktacular singularity.
Like “Paper Mario” I would love to be able to “pivot” this world. What would we see there? Does Karma (obligatory Karma mention in a Plurk) somehow exist in one of these “new” conversational dimensions?
I told you it was a weird dream!
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