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Why do people hate Microsoft, reason 736

September 24, 2008

Today I wanted to make a simple calendar to just put up on a bulletin board. Big boxes for the various days – nothing too technical. I went to MS website, found a template for Publisher that I thought would work, and clicked download. I wasn’t worried – I have all licensed software so no big deal and I don’t mind agreeing to the “available only to users of genuine software” whatchamabob.

But I was using FireFox3 to do the download. And in some absolute inane idea that MS somehow thinks it is endearing itself to users even more by telling them that ALL of their software must be from MS (including the browser) so that they may peer into my machine to verify I don’t have a Publisher knock off (is there such a thing?) so I can download a stupid template to continue using (very expensive) and legal software from them… AAAaaaargh!

So, fire up IE, copy the URL over to IE – oh wait. That’s where I gave up.

I clicked here on my blog and spent more time writing this then I intended to spend on the whole stupid project. I probably should have done the same yesterday when Excel died its painful death due to slow memory leaks… Or the day before when XP wouldn’t shut down because the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) tool seems to be caught in some stupid infinite loop..

Was a time I would have just formatted everything and started over. But each time I do that, I end up losing documents that were in the wrong place, licenses for other software like Google Earth pro that I forget to deactivate before I format, and then you can’t…

Sure, I can put all my MS stuff back on, but I’m not all a MS shop *anymore.* And with these kinds of experiences, you bet I will be LESS of one in the future.

Now, can Google Docs produce for me a nice large wall calendar with boxes I can write in…

[Edit: was easiest to just do it in Publisher. There is a calendar wizard in there that just made a nice plain calendar for me. Why the heck would MS steer me to their confounded website, then force me to run IE to do that?!]

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