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Coming home, and inspiring success!

September 30, 2008

Bob Abrams hit me at just the right spot this morning with his blog post on Homecoming:

Its Homecoming week in Waterford where I live as well – we watched as the kids in their wigs and brightly colored faces and costumes painted the store-front windows. My children, 4 and 8, are naturally curious about why the bigger kids are doing this. I explained to them because it was to welcome home the football team on their last home game. After a long fall season, the team needs this last push to help get them through, and on to the playoffs, just like a big community pep rally.

I like Bob’s description more – it’s a time to welcome home the Alumni and success stories. A time to inspire ALL of our students and help give them that push they need not just to have pride in their football team, but pride in themselves and what they can accomplish by studying hard over the winter.

Now I don’t know what all is being done in Waterford during the day to bring back Alums throughout the week, but I do know that I haven’t made plans to visit my own Marquette University High School and help inspire students there. (Heck, I’m kind of afraid each time I walk in the door they will again ask for money! It’s a recurring theme when you graduate from a private high school I guess.)

That’s wrong. I should be taking at least a little time each year to go back and help. But what would I do, or would I stand around in the hallway and after a few hours say “hey! THAT was a productive day!” and leave?

In any case, I hope all of the teams I love beat all of the teams I don’t!

Happy Homecoming week Kiddos!

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