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An early Christmas Present for Educators!

November 6, 2008

Every year, around Christmas, I like to remind the teachers that we work with in Southeastern Wisconsin about the FREE Teachers Pass to the Milwaukee Public Museum. The museum believes that your class will have a better experience if you are able to come down to the museum and get to learn all about all of the great opportunities and resources available for your class. Then, when you visit with your class, you can spend more time doing what you do best ~ teaching!

This year I am going to post this just a little bit early. It’s an exciting time to visit the Milwaukee Public Museum – the Titan Arum is about to bloom in the butterfly garden, and the Titanic exhibition is bringing in visitors from all over the region! (An extra fee is required for admission to the Titanic.)

In addition to free admission for you as an educator, you will receive a significant discount on parking at McArthur Square ($5 instead of $16), a 15% discount on gifts and food while visiting, and notification of special education open houses, behind the scenes tours, and distance learning programs.

Please visit the education resources page at and get your own FREE Educators Pass today!

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