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About Dan

I have been fortunate in my life to remain just a little outside of the mainstream, yet realize great things. My professional life for the past decade or so has blended communications, technology and education. Daily, I serve as the Executive Director for a regional distance learning network – using communications technology to connect schools, colleges, universities, libraries, zoos and museums to one another in a variety of ways. I enjoy getting to work with teachers the most, playing with neat “toys” and applying them for use in the classroom. It’s especially cool when we get to use or model technology AWAY from the computer screen.

Since I left my classroom I keep in touch with that part of my life with what is probably the coolest way I could spend my free time – being a Cub Scout leader! The kids I work with range from very gifted, to deaf and autistic. But with extremely strong parental support, and a battery of cool things to do ~ we achieve more, go further, and have more fun. Our Pack is now 3 times as large as other groups in our area! I am not only a den leader, but I am also a BALOO and Pack Trainer. I recently completed my Wood Badge for the 21st Century training and tickets. (I used to be a Bear…)

I am an avid Pack Rat. I like to collect lots of fun things including Pinball Machines and Vintage Volkswagens. (Yep – I know, they’re pretty big things to collect!) I can occasionally be seen in public going topless in my 1973 THING, especially when there is a parade going on. My oldest VW currently is a 1954 Oval that I have been “restoring” for almost 20 years.

If there is a common theme in my life that binds all of the above things together, it would be my two wonderful and gifted sons. I try to lead by example, expecting no less than I am willing to give, and showing my boys how much fun they can have working hard and doing the right thing. My wife and my sons are the reason I do what I do.

You can learn more about these other aspects of my life by visiting these pages:

The Southeastern Wisconsin Instructional Network Group

Pack 324, Waterford Wisconsin

My 54 Ovalie Restoration Blog

My professional vitae can be found at LinkedIn


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